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IBED in the media

IBED researchers frequently appear in the media to present their research and its applications to a wider audience to strengthen the link between Science and Society. Here you can find an overview of IBED research that appeared in magazines/newspapers or was broadcasted on radio/TV (mainly in Dutch).

How rock flour should restore nature that is affected by nitrogen deposition

Vulnerable nature reserves have become very acidic due to many years of nitrogen deposition. Rockflour seems to be a promising way to do something about this. IBED emeritus professor Jan Sevink explains in Pointer Radio (NPO Radio 1) that more research is needed before rock flour can be used on large scales to restore nature. 

The mandrills in Artis are up to date

Do monkeys have a sense of time? Yes, according to research with mandrills in Artis. Trouw published an article on the research of Artis professor of cognitive behavioral ecology and UvA researcher Karline Janmaat and her student Kavel Ozturk, in which they found that mandrills can keep track of how many days have passed in order to allow them to be the first to gather the food.

Money for coral and climate research

The newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad reports out the the Caribbean Research program of the Dutch Research Council (NWO), that allocated 7 million euros to study corals and climate change. IBED professor of Tropical Marine Ecology Mark Vermeij is one of the research leaders.