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IBED in de media

IBED researchers frequently appear in the media to present their research and its applications to a wider audience to strengthen the link between Science and Society. Here you can find an overview of IBED research that appeared in magazines/newspapers or was broadcasted on radio/TV (mainly in Dutch).

How the discovery of a moth sex gene could lead to crucial insecticide

European corn borer moths are one of the biggest causes of damage to crops, tunneling their way through vegetables and fruit. It costs nearly $2 billion a year in the U.S. to monitor and control the hungry insect. AgroPages reports about a recent study that reveals a way to predict mating habits and develop a possible 'insecticide' to stop reproduction comes from the European corn borer moth’s reproductive genes. The study was co-authored by IBED professor Astrid Groot. 

Fungi in the city

There are thousands of billions of kilometers fungal threads in the city. They are extremely important for plants to absorb nutrients. But how much influence do these fungi actually have? Can fungi help the unhealthy trees in Amsterdam? IBED researcher Vincent Merckx thinks so. Together with Biology student Cas Verbeek they sample fungi all over the city. Radio Vroege Vogels joined them on one of their excursions. 

Two little swans researchers on the road

They share a love for the Bewick's Swan and together they represent more than forty years of research into this water bird. However, they had never met each other: the newly started Bewick's Swan researcher Hans Linssen (PhD candidate at IBED) and Bewick's swan 'guru' Wim Tijsen. Together with radio Vroege Vogels they traveled to the Randmeren to look at their research object.