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Master programmes of IBED

The top-rated international researchers of IBED are also the teachers of its three master programmes: Earth Sciences, Ecology & Evolution and Limnology & Oceanography. As a master student of IBED you will follow a tailored study programme chosen from a range of special MSc courses and a wide collection of projects.

Active involvement

If it is a research master you wish to follow, you will be actively involved in one of the many state-of-the-art research projects of IBED carried out in Amsterdam and/or abroad. IBED takes the research contribution of Master students very seriously and devotes much time to providing a thorough and challenging supervision. As a result, master projects often lead to publication in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Applied or educational focus

Given the applied nature and societal relevance of the research of IBED, the institute has an extensive network of (inter)national partners in government, education, private organizations and industry. If it is an applied or educational master you wish to pursue, you will profit from this vast partner network of IBED.

Master programme in Earth Sciences

The erosion laboratory of IBED

Climate change, increasing demands for scarce resources, degradation and pollution of soil and water. Now more than ever do we need skilled professionals who understand the complex system called Earth. To meet this demand, IBED offers the advanced multidisciplinary MSc programme Earth Sciences.

Earth Sciences focuses on the processes at and near the Earth’s surface and the effect of human impact on them. It includes the strong feedback between the Earth, the atmosphere, surface waters and biological systems. You will learn how to develop, use and access new knowledge to gain further insight into the Earth’s functioning, and how to apply this knowledge for the benefit of society.

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Master programme in Ecology and Evolution

Caterpillar on a leave in the lab of Astrid Groot

Sustaining natural biodiversity and protecting the environment is not possible without extensive knowledge of ecology and evolution. Therefore, IBED offers a newly designed MSc programme in Ecology and Evolution. We aim to understand the relationships among living organisms, how species evolve and go extinct, how ecosystems function, how organisms live, interact and disperse on Earth. Depending on background and interest, students specialize in one of six directions, each developed to transfer state-of-the-art knowledge in both fundamental and applied ecology and evolutionary biology.

We offer a tailor-made individual study programme geared to select your personal favourite topics, and chosen from a range of special MSc courses and a wide array of research projects, to be carried out in Amsterdam and/or abroad.

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Master programme in Freshwater & Marine Biology (formerly Limnology & Oceanography)

Studying the coral reef 2

Water covers 70% of the Earth's surface, and sets our planet apart from all other planets known to mankind. These vast amounts of water play an important role in the global climate, and are a source of food, minerals, energy, and recreation. Aquatic ecosystems are teeming with organisms, ranging from the tiny phytoplankton and zooplankton to corals, fish, and whales. Unfortunately, aquatic ecosystems are also the dumping places for many of society's wastes and are profoundly affected by global change. To better understand and protect the worlds' aquatic resources, IBED offers a MSc program in Freshwater & Marine Biology (formerly "Limnology and Oceanography"), devoted to the biology, chemistry, and physics of aquatic ecosystems. This multidisciplinary MSc program is an advanced study, which focuses on freshwater ecosystems (limnology) as well as marine ecosystems (oceanography).

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