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The Rollie Lamberson Award recognized a paper on which Hal Caswell of IBED collaborated with a group of mathematicians from the University of Louisiana.

Rollie Lamberson Award from the Resource Modeling
Rollie Lamberson Award medal. Picture: Hal Caswell.

The Rollie Lamberson Award celebrates the contribution of Professor Rollie Lamberson to the field of natural resource modeling and the growth of the Resource Modeling Association by recognizing each year the most outstanding paper in natural resource modeling in the previous two years. The award will be given to the paper most in keeping with the society’s and journal’s overarching goals, namely:
“the development and analysis of mathematical models as tools for resource management and policy development,” reflecting “the conceptual and methodological core that is common to model building throughout disciplines including such fields as forestry, fisheries, economics and ecology,” particularly those “concerned with the sustainable utilization of renewable resources and their vulnerability to anthropogenic and other disturbances,” serving “as an antidote to disciplinary fragmentation.”

Hal Caswell and his co-authors from the University of Louisiana received the award for the paper Sensitivity analysis of the recovery time for a population under the impact of an environmental disturbance (