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A new research project will study how non-inversion tillage contributes to a healthy soil and the nutritional value of cauliflower. IBED researchers Elly Morriën and Erik Cammeraat went into the field this week to start the onsite measurements for this study that is coordinated by Amsterdam Green Campus.

The research is performed in the context of the circular vision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, based on the idea of nature-inclusive agriculture in the regional context. In the period 2020-2023 IBED researchers Elly Morriën and Erik Cammeraat will measure the physical, chemical and biological soil properties to determine the influence of non-inversion tillage (aboveground use of animal solid manure) on soil quality and below and aboveground biodiversity like microbes, nematodes, insects and meadow birds.

Amsterdam Green Campus and IBED are carrying out this project together with two arable farmers in the Dutch province of North Holland and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and keeps contact with e.g. Ecolane in Friesland, where similar research is being conducted.

Dr. W.E. (Elly) Morriën

Assistant professor

Dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat

Associate professor