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Wednesday June 16 the major piece of art ‘The Fungal Wall’, made by artist Lizan Freijsen was opened in the only microbial ‘zoo’ in the world, namely Micropia in Amsterdam. The artwork was made in close collaboration with IBED special chair Teun Boekhout.

The artwork by artist Lizan Freijsen is inspired by the morphology of lichens and fungal cultures and resonates between the hidden beauty of these organisms that goes largely unnoticed by the public. Its monumental, visually overwhelming extrapolation is now present at the wall of Micropia.

This work, made in wool in the handtufting technique, is the result of a collaboration between two Dutch museums, namely Micropia and the Textile Museum in Tilburg, and many contributing partners, including researcher Teun Boekhout form the Westerdijk Institute, who is Special Chair of Fungal Functional Diversity at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics of the University of Amsterdam.

In fact, this piece of art consists of two works. Next to ‘The Fungal Wall’ a movie was made by Marieke van der Lippe that compares the growth of fungal cultures with the production of the handttufted carpets. The fascinating time lapse images of fungal growth used in this movie were made by photographer Wim van Egmond.

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