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Recent BSc Biology projects



  • Eliane Bakker, Reconstructing human impact in western Amazonia (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Mick Bönnen, Humans and ENSO events are triggers for mid- to late-Holocene fire events on the Polynesian island of Upolu, Samoa (Advisor: William Gosling)
  • Laurens van den Bos, A study on fern and fern-ally spore composition in Miocene sediments to improve our understanding of the origins of fern diversity in western Amazonia (Advisor: Carina Hoorn)
  • Robin Ekelschot, Vegetation succession as a response to volcanic events on the eastern Andean flank (Advisor: William Gosling)
  • Inge van Haaften, Analysis of anthropogenic influence on pollen based climate research (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Britte Heijink, Past human impact on vegetation in western Amazonia (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Aileen Hiralal, Phytogeographical and phylogenetic patterns along the Andes (Advisor: Joost Duivenvoorden)
  • Nicoló Mossink, Pollen-vegetation relationships on the island of Lampeduza, Italy (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Kevin Noort, Changes in aquatic vegetation over the last 10,000 from the island of Samoa (Advisor: William Gosling)
  • Simon Noten, Pre-Columbian human activity and influence on vegetation (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Rick de Regt, Disturbances during the rubber boom (1850-1920) still influence present-day Amazonia (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)


Recent BSc Future Planet Studies projects



  • Milan de Blok, Regeneration of heathland vegetation through a climate change manipulation experiment in Oldebroek, the Netherlands (Advisor: Albert Tietema)
  • Anne-Lotte Boudeling, Determining predictability of soil water repellency on agricultural lands cultivated with flower bulbs along the Dutch coastal zone (Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • Henk Cornelissen, FTIR spectroscopy as an instrument to distinguish charcoal particles from mineral fragments found in tropical soils (Advisor: William Gosling)
  • Dante Föllmi, Early human colonization of Limberg, Netherlands (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)
  • Olaf de Haan, The effect of Stipa tenacissima L. on its underlying soil thickness when situated on a semiā€arid hillslope above a calcrete (Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • James Haringa, Regeneration and colonization of dry heathland vegetation after prescribed burning and cutting (Advisor: Albert Tietema)
  • Lotte van Helden, The impact of photodegradation on the aquatic toxicity of cooling tower water (Advisor: John Parsons)
  • Marle de Jong, Spatial distribution of ant nests and their influence on soil properties in a semi-arid catchment in Spain (Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • Jeroen Kooijman, Comparison of digital elevation model methods to assess errors in microtopography and hydrologic patterns in southeast-Spain(Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • Cynthia van Leeuwen, The influence of the presence of Stipa tenacissima on soil properties (Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • Isa Mulder, Pleistocene-Holocene fire dynamics from the Andes-Amazon (Advisor: William Gosling)
  • Bart ter Mull, Spatial distribution of ant nests in SE Spain (Advisor: Erik Cammeraat)
  • Evy de Nijs, The impact of historical summer drought on the resistance and resilience of microbial communities to moisture and cycles of drying and rewetting (Advisor: Albert Tietema)
  • Waas Thissen, Climate-vegetation dynamics in Limburg, Netherlands (Advisor: Crystal McMichael)


Recent BSc Chemistry projects



  • Sabrina Brandjes, Investigation of the toxicity of industrial chemicals to microbial communities (Advisors: Baptiste Poursat, Pim de Voogt & John Parsons)
  • Gabrielle Nauta, LC-MS/MS analysis of the biodegradation of organic pollutants in batch and chemostat cultures (Advisors: Baptiste Poursat, Michiel Kraak & John Parsons)