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Ecosystem and Landscape dynamics (ELD) staff primarily support the MSc Biological Sciences and MSc Earth Sciences degree programs; but also contribute to the MSc Chemistry. At the masters level we seek to provide students with opportunities to gain an advanced understanding of key principles and concepts, develop practical research skills, and learn how to operate as independent scientists.

MSc Biological Sciences

  • Ecological water management
  • Environments through time
  • Experimental design and data analysis

MSc Earth Sciences

  • Assessment of chemical and natural hazards
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • Climate change
  • Ecosystem management
  • Environmental measuring techniques
  • Field course geo-ecological systems
  • Integrated coastal dune management
  • Soil and landscape degradation

MSc Chemistry

  • Environmental Chemistry

MSc Future Planet Ecosystem Sciences

  • Grand Challenges of Human-Ecosystem Interactions


ELD staff are keen to support masters student research projects. These projects range from estimating soil carbon storage, through plant distributions in the Amazon, to the evolution of pollen grains; and often include a strong laboratory or field element. Follow the link to see examples of recent projects undertaken by masters students doing Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences and Chemistry. If you are interested in doing research for your bachelors project within ELD please check out the staff pages and contact the member of staff you are most interested in working with directly.