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Research and education by ELD members draws upon a wide variety of field, laboratory and computational infrastructure managed at the institute level for all the research departments within IBED.

Within ELD we make particular use of the following: ยท

  • Chemical laboratories. For examining cations, anions, organic matter content in water, soil and sediment samples. Including facilities for gas chromatography, and isotope analysis.
  • Computational resources. For bioinformatics, geodata management, and scientific programming.
  • Field survey equipment. Including drones and ground-based survey equipment for examining, mapping, and monitoring vegetation, soil, sediments.
  • Sediment coring equipment. Including specialized soil, peat and lake sediment coring systems.
  • Soil erosion laboratory. For simulating interactions between slope, rainfall and vegetation.
  • Storage, archiving and referencing facilities for modern and fossil material. Including a large collection of palaeoecological reference

Further details of the available facilities within IBED can be found via


The ELD-IBED is happy to make its equipment and facilities available to academic colleagues and commercial organisations. The cost for the use of equipment and facilities is negotiable and is dependent on availability.

Please get in touch if you would like to utilise any of our resources.

Dr. E. (Eva) de Rijke

Lab Manager