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Head of EPB research department

Prof. dr. A.T. (Astrid) Groot

Professor of Population and Evolutionary Biology

Research Staff

Prof. dr. F. (Ferry) Hagen

professor by special appointment of Fungal Functional Diversity

Dr. A. (Anja) Spang

Professor by special appointment of Symbioses in Evolution

Dr. J.A.J. (Hans) Breeuwer

Associate Professor Molecular Evolutionary Biology

Dr. W.E. (Willem) Frankenhuis

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Psychobiology

Dr A.R.M. (Arne) Janssen

Associate Professor

Dr. M. (Merijn) Kant

Associate Professor of Molecular Ecology

Dr. V.S.F.T. (Vincent) Merckx

Associate Professor

Drs. ing. G. (Geert) Timmermans

Honorary fellow

Dr T. (Thomas) Blankers

Assistant professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Dr. M. (Marjolein) Bruijning

Assistant professor of Evolutionary ecology

Dr. E.R. (Emily) Burdfield Steel

Assistant Professor of Chemical Ecology

Prof. dr. K.R.L. (Karline) Janmaat

Professor in Cognitive Behavioural Ecology

Dr. J.K. (Jonna) Kulmuni

Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Ecology in Rapidly Changing Environments

Dr. P.G. (Patrick) Meirmans

Assistant Professor in Plant Population Genetics

Dr. J.G.B. (Gerard) Oostermeijer

Assistant Professor

Dr. P.C.J. (Paul) van Rijn

Senior researcher

Dr. J.M. (Juan) Alba Cano


Dr. ir. M. (Michiel) van Wijk


Postdoctoral Researchers

M.D. (Mobolade) Akinbuluma

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr E. (Evy) van Berlo

Postdoc | Cognitive Behavioural Ecology

Dr. J.A. (Jacques) Deere

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD Candidates

H. (Hannah) Broeckx

PhD student

M.L.R. (Maartje) Cathelyn

PhD Candidate

R. (Rachid) Chafi MSc

PhD Candidate

S. (Sjoerd) Gremmen

PhD Candidate

W. (Wencong) Huang

PhD Candidate

A.W. (Auke) de Jong MSc

PhD Candidate

D.T.P. (Daan) Kinsbergen MSc

PhD candidate in ecosystem recovery

I.E. (Ineke) Knot MSc

PhD candidate

L. (Laura) Mansier

PhD candidate in predator-prey dynamics in conservation biological control

C.J. (Christel) Rooker MSc

PhD candidate

R.A.H. (Renée) van Schaijk MSc

PhD Candidate

J.A. (Alexandra) Sierra Monroy

PhD Candidate

J. (Jiajia) Zhao

PhD Candidate

Guest Researchers

Drs. J. (Jan) Bruin

Guest Researcher

Dr. P.F.M. (Peter) Coesel

Guest Researcher

Dr. F. (Farid) Faraji

Guest Researcher

Prof. dr. D.G. (David) Heckel

Guest researcher

Dr. S.A. (Seyed Ali) Hosseini PhD

Guest Researcher

Dr S.H. (Sheila) Luijten

Science 4 Nature

Prof. dr. S.B.J. (Steph) Menken

Emeritus Professor

Dr K.A. (Karen) Munoz Cardenas

Guest researcher

Dr. C.J. (Cornelis) Nagelkerke

Guest Researcher

Ir. E. (Esther) Quaedackers MSc

Guest Researcher

Dr. P. (Peter) Roessingh

Guest Researcher

Dr. E.A. (Ernesto) Villacís Pérez PhD

guest researcher


T. (Tanya) Noorlander