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Freshwater and Marine Ecology (IBED-FAME)

The Department of Freshwater and Marine Ecology is achieved by merging and regrouping the two former research groups Aquatic Microbiology (AMB) and Aquatic Environmental Ecology (AEE). The two groups had research themes that in part overlapped.

The department of Freshwater & Marine Ecology aims to increase our understanding of the biodiversity and dynamics of freshwater and marine ecosystems from the level of molecules and genes to entire ecosystems. Our aim is to unravel how aquatic ecosystems function in all their complexity, and how they change due to natural processes and human activities. The focus lies on the interactions between aquatic organisms and their abiotic environment, including their role in biogeochemical cycles and the temporal and spatial dynamics that emerge from these interactions.

This research commitment is paralleled by a similar commitment in teaching: we wish to train students at all levels to follow fundamental and sound scientific approaches in order to understand the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and to solve complex water problems.

On these pages you can find more information about our research, scientific staff, research facilities, and educational program.

Please also take a look at our News page to be informed about our latest findings and activities.