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Research Projects

In the Department of TCE, we are leading and coordinating a number of national and international research projects. Over the last six years, we have raised over 1 Million Euro external money per year. This includes two ERC grants, several NWO projects, H2020 projects and a diversity of other (inter-)national projects.

Ongoing projects 

  • Uva-BiTS (GPS bird tracking system with supporting e-science infrastructure)
  • Predicting bird migration to reduce aerial conflicts: the FlySafe Bird Avoidance Model and Bird Avoidance System to reduce the impact of migratory birds on military aviation and the migration prediction project to help mitigate the impact of offshore wind turbines on migratory birds.
  • ​Eemshaven Showcase: collaborative study of bird collision mortality in wind farms to promote sustainable energy transition
  • ENRAM: European network for the radar surveillance of animal movement.
  • ​GLOBIS-B: global infrastructures for supporting biodiversity research
  • eEcoLiDAR: eScience infrastructure for ecological applications of LiDAR point clouds
  • Palm diversification: influence of frugivory on macroecology and diversification of palms
  • INDSTOCH: individual stochasticity and population heterogeneity in plant and animal demography
  • Lifetime reproduction: ecological and evolutionary analysis of lifetime reproductive output: theory and applications
  • Birds and offshore wind parks: bird migration predictions and gull space use around offshore wind parks
  • Predicting muskrat movement and population development in support of the control organisation
  • ECOEVODEVO: eco-evolutionary dynamics of community self-organization through ontogenetic asymmetry
  • PCAD4COD: sound impact on fish populations
  • PCOD+: exploring the population consequences of disturbance
  • EcoEvoClim: ecological and evolutionary consequences of predator-prey mismatch due to environmental variations associated with climate change