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A large ecosystem research field site can be found close to Oldebroek. It is part of the European research project (INCREASE).
INCREASE site Oldenbroek

In 8 European countries we study the effect of moderate climate change -passive night-time warming (increased mean annual temperature of 1.0 ˚C) and repeated growing season droughts (decreased mean annual precipitation of 20% of ambient rainfall) in low vegetations. The Dutch field site close to the town of Oldebroek the site is a heathland ecosystem.

The site is in use since 1998. Such long-term field-scale manipulation experiments are unique. The sites have been official EU research infrastructures. As a result, many parameters have been measured by researchers all over Europe visiting the site. This has led to an enormous collection of known data, making the site attractive for scientists with new ideas. Furthermore, the site is used to train master students in doing fieldwork.


Contact information

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Dr. E. (Eva) de Rijke

Faculty of Science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics