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Research Vessel RV Dreissena

IBED’s new research vessel, the R.V. Dreissena is specially built for (experimental) fieldwork programs on lake Markermeer. Since august  2017 the ship is used for a wide range of research projects.  The ship will enhance the understanding of the lake's ecology and help us design more effective strategies to preserve the habitat. The well-equipped research ship enables us to take samples and conduct measurements at ecologically relevant locations in Markermeer all year round.

(Read more about the on board equipment after the video)

Equipment of the R.V. Dreissena

Sediment samplers 

  • Uwitec Gravity corer with hammer action
  • Ekman grab sampler
  • SeaBed 2L van Veen grab

Water samplers 

  • Hydrobios Niskin bottle
  • Aqua Jet Pump 19 L/min continuous flow

Plankton samplers

  • Phytoplankton net (53 μm)/ zooplankton net (250 μm)

Macrofauna samplers

  • NHBS macrofauna net
  • Endecotts sieves (1, 3, 5,6 mm)
  • On board sieving installation

Macrophyte sampler

  • Double rake with line (design from hydrobiological handbook)

Multi-parameter sensors

  • Hydrolab minisonde pH, EC, turbidity, [O2]


  • Hummingbird 360 imaging sonar
  • Humminbird side imaging sonar
  • Humminbird Autocharts Live
  • 5 x underwater quadrants
  • GoPro underwater camera

On board computer 

  • Fieldworks DURABOOK R13S


  • 2 x 12 L scuba tank
  • 2 x underwater flashlight
  • 5 x writing slate


  • 2 x Bynolyt searanger III (7x50) with compass


  • Igloo marine Glide 104 L


  • 2 x Davits arm with 6 hooks


  • 6 x aluminium transport boxes (40x60x30 cm)

Field Guides

  • Birds, Fish, Macrofauna and Macrophytes