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Research Vessel RV Dreissena

IBED’s research vessel, the R.V. Dreissena is specially built for (experimental) fieldwork programs on lake Markermeer.

Since August 2017 the ship is used for a wide range of research projects. The ship enhances the understanding of the ecology of lake Markermeer and helps researchers design more effective strategies to preserve the habitat. The well-equipped research ship enables us to take samples and conduct measurements at ecologically relevant locations in Markermeer all year round.

  • Equipment of the R.V. Dreissena

    Sediment samplers 

    • Uwitec Gravity corer with hammer action
    • Ekman grab sampler
    • SeaBed 2L van Veen grab

    Water samplers 

    • Hydrobios Niskin bottle
    • Aqua Jet Pump 19 L/min continuous flow

    Plankton samplers

    • Phytoplankton net (53 μm)/ zooplankton net (250 μm)

    Macrofauna samplers

    • NHBS macrofauna net
    • Endecotts sieves (1, 3, 5,6 mm)
    • On board sieving installation

    Macrophyte sampler

    • Double rake with line (design from hydrobiological handbook)

    Multi-parameter sensors

    • Hydrolab minisonde pH, EC, turbidity, [O2]


    • Hummingbird 360 imaging sonar
    • Humminbird side imaging sonar
    • Humminbird Autocharts Live
    • 5 x underwater quadrants
    • GoPro underwater camera

    On board computer 

    • Fieldworks DURABOOK R13S


    • 2 x 12 L scuba tank
    • 2 x underwater flashlight
    • 5 x writing slate


    • 2 x Bynolyt searanger III (7x50) with compass


    • Igloo marine Glide 104 L


    • 2 x Davits arm with 6 hooks


    • 6 x aluminium transport boxes (40x60x30 cm)

    Field Guides

    • Birds, Fish, Macrofauna and Macrophytes

Contact information

Please contact us for more information

Dr. J.M. (Merijn) Schuurmans

Faculty of Science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics