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Results: 341 - 349 of 349
Results: 341 - 349 of 349
  • VENI grant for Dr Katja Peijnenburg
    8 Aug 2008
    Dr Katja Peijnenburg acquired a VENI grant of the Netherlands Organisation for Research (NWO) with a proposal titled “tempo and mode of marine zooplankton evolution”. She will use it to do research at the group of ...
  • Elisa Benincà wins ASLO Presentation Award
    19 Jun 2008
    In St. Johns, in Canada, Elisa Benincà of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) won the Outstanding Student Presentation Award at the annual summer meeting of the American Society for Limnology ...
  • Can iron supplements increase oceanic carbon dioxide storage?
    29 Nov 2007
    In light of increasing awareness for climate change, measures are sought to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels by increasing CO2 uptake by plankton in the oceans. In an interview with CNN, Prof. dr. Jef Huisman of the ...
  • UvA student wins the NBV Hissink prize
    13 Nov 2007
    On 9 november 2007, Jurriaan Spaaks won the NBV Hissink prize for best MSc Thesis. In his thesis Jurriaan described the results of work done at the CGE research group of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem ...
  • Unique chimpansee culture discovered in Congo
    31 Aug 2007
    Cleve Hicks of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) discovered a unique group of chimpanzees in the north of Congo. He explains about his research in an extensive interview in the Dutch ...
  • To stimulate the recovery of a predator fish population, you should fish away its favorite prey!
    22 Jun 2007
    The majority of populations of large predator fish such as cod and salmon have been strongly diminished over the last decades because of overfishing, bringing these species to the brink of extinction. The problem is ...
  • Lucas Stal appointed as Special Chair of Marine Microbiology
    8 Jun 2007
    Dr. Lucas J. Stal (1952) has been appointed as Special Chair of Marine Microbiology, which will be part of the group of Aquatic Microbiology of IBED. The Chair is funded by the AUV fund and is the first Chair in this ...
  • Impact of Toxicants on species composition of aquatic communities
    6 Dec 2005
    September 29, 2005. PhD thesis Dick de Zwart
  • Biomechanical limitations on Macrophytes in Shallow Lakes
    12 May 2005
    December 2, 2005. PhD thesis Johan Schutten