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Results: 141 - 160 of 237
Results: 141 - 160 of 237
  • Prehistoric changes in vegetation help predict future of earth's ecosytems
    31 Aug 2018
    As the last ice age came to an end and the planet warmed, the Earth’s vegetation changed dramatically. The current warming from climate change may drive an equally dramatic change in vegetation within the next 100 to ...
  • Sky Islands: a time travel in the Andes Mountains
    8 Aug 2018
    In South America you can find a species rich alpine tundra ecosystem called páramos. These ecosystems are restricted to the mountain tops of the Northern Andes, forming isolated ‘sky islands’. During the last 3 ...
  • Landscape
    From Cradle to Grave: Model Identifies Factors that Shaped Evolution
    25 Jul 2018
    Understanding the many factors that have played into shaping the biodiversity within Earth’s ecosystems can be daunting. In a major step to that end, an international team of researchers built a computer simulation ...
  • Photo: Alex Mielke
    Mangabey monkeys profit from nut-cracking skills of chimpanzees
    20 Jul 2018
    Mangabey monkeys exhibit peculiar foraging behaviour by scavenging on the energy-rich remnants of nuts cracked by chimpanzees and red river hogs. This allows them to obtain the inside of nuts, which they would not ...
  • Climate warming speeds up migration of barnacle goose
    19 Jul 2018
    Climate warming is most rapid in the Arctic and the general notion is that migratory birds have to arrive earlier on the Arctic breeding grounds to let their chicks benefit from the earlier start of spring. A recent ...
  • How marine algae cope with changing ocean conditions
    17 Jul 2018
    Human activities are changing the ocean on a global scale, with seawater in some regions becoming warmer, more acidic, and less well mixed. One possible result of reduced ocean mixing is that nutrients, which act ...
  • Nick Loughlin
    Ecosystem shows resilience to prolonged human modification
    16 Jul 2018
    Nineteenth century explorers who visited the cloud forests of the Ecuadorian Andes regularly referred to the landscape as a ‘pristine’ wilderness. What they were, in fact, observing was the recovery on an environment ...
  • Cyanobacterial bloom in a Dutch lake
    Global expansion of cyanobacterial blooms
    9 Jul 2018
    Last week an international team of scientists led by aquatic ecologists from the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics published a review about the world wide expansion, causes and risks of cyanobacterial ...
  • Monding-Amazone-rivier-foto-NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Amazon River impacted eutrophication of Atlantic Ocean
    26 Jun 2018
    In the past, the Amazon exerted a major influence on the eutrophication in the westernmost equatorial portion of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the conclusion of an international research team coordinated by the ...
  • Palmplants crow smaller fruits
    Biggest palm fruits increasingly disappear from rainforests
    11 Jun 2018
    In some parts of the world palm trees with very large fruits have adapted to global change, whereas in other parts they seem to have gone extinct. These are findings from a new study by Renske Onstein and Daniel ...
  • Rolf Bak
    Professor Rolf Bak receives prestigious ISRS Award for coral research
    4 Jun 2018
    The International Society for Reef Science (ISRS) has announced that Professor Rolf Bak has been awarded an Eminence in Research Award in recognition for the exceptional research that he has conducted over the course ...
  • Researchers discover new male variant of bulb mite
    18 May 2018
    The bulb mite (Rhizoglyphus robini) is a common pest of numerous crops. Male bulb mites display one of two reproductive tactics and are classified as ‘fighters’ and ‘scramblers’. Biologists from the University of ...
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    ABC grant to study social learning
    8 May 2018
    An interdisciplinary team of UvA scientists received an ABC project grant from the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition centre to study the causes and consequences of social learning. One of the researchers involved is ...
  • Global Green City Watch
    UvA alumni win international Sustainability Challenge
    7 May 2018
    UvA Earth Sciences alumni made it to the finals of DigitalGlobe's international GBDX for Sustainability Challenge. Their winning project, Global Green City Watch, makes it possible to monitor the quality of green ...
  • logo ERC
    ERC Advanced Grants awarded to Hal Caswell and Dennis Rodgers
    10 Apr 2018
    The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded prestigious Advanced Grants to UvA professors Hal Caswell and Dennis Rodgers. The grants, totalling 1.2 million euros and 2.5 million euros respectively, are awarded on ...
  • Ana Causanilles KWR drugsonderzoek
    Wastewater-based tracing op doping use
    27 Mar 2018
    Through the chemical analysis of wastewater it has been shown that the highly dangerous weight loss agent DNP is used by amateur athletes during sport events. These results have recently been published by researchers ...
  • Cake for the Faculty of Science winner Lecturer of the Year award
    Frank Nack is Faculty of Science's Lecturer of the Year 2018
    13 Mar 2018
    Frank Nack, lecturer and programme director in the Master's programme Information Studies, has been named the faculty winner of the Lecturer of the Year election by Faculty of Science students. John van Boxel and Leo ...
  • GLOBIS-B Workshop Bari. C: Antonio M. Saraiva
    Successful international workshop on species interaction EBVs
    13 Mar 2018
    On 26-28 February 2018, an international workshop was organized to foster the global cooperation of biodiversity research infrastructures and biodiversity scientists. The workshop was focused on species interactions ...
  • Flickr-CreativeCommons
    Eight researchers to conduct research at UvA with Marie Curie Fellowship
    6 Mar 2018
    Eight talented researchers have been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to conduct research at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The awarded projects include research on border control within the ...
  • Lessons from the past: new insights into nature management
    2 Mar 2018
    Recent research in nature reserve Laarder Wasmeren, close to Hilversum, has led to new insights with regard to the use of large herbivores in nature management in the Netherlands. Physical geographers and ...