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Prof. dr. C.P.D. (Corina) Brussaard

Special Chair of Viral Ecology
Faculty of Science
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
Photographer: Jeroen Oerlemans

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
Postal address
  • Postbus 94240
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Publications


    • Bart, M. C., Mueller, B., Rombouts, T., van de Ven, C., Tompkins, G. J., Osinga, R., Brussaard, C. P. D., MacDonald, B., Engel, A., Rapp, H. T., & de Goeij, J. M. (2021). Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is essential to balance the metabolic demands of four dominant North-Atlantic deep-sea sponges. Limnology and Oceanography, 66(3), 925-938. [details]
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    • Van Haren, H., Brussaard, C. P. D., Gerringa, L. J. A., Van Manen, M. H., Middag, R., & Groenewegen, R. (2021). Diapycnal mixing across the photic zone of the NE Atlantic. Ocean Science, 17(1), 301-318.
    • vd Poll, W. H., Maat, D. S., Fischer, P., Visser, R. JW., Brussaard, C. P. D., & Buma, A. GJ. (2021). Solar radiation and solar radiation driven cycles in warming and freshwater discharge control seasonal and inter-annual phytoplankton chlorophyll a and taxonomic composition in a high Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen). Limnology and Oceanography, 66(4), 1221-1236.


    • Biggs, T. E. G., Brussaard, C. P. D., Evans, C., Venables, H. J., & Pond, D. W. (2020). Plasticity in dormancy behaviour of Calanoides acutus in Antarctic coastal waters. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 77(5), 1738–1751. [details]
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    • Mojica, K. D. A., & Brussaard, C. P. D. (2020). Significance of Viral Activity for Regulating Heterotrophic Prokaryote Community Dynamics along a Meridional Gradient of Stratification in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Viruses, 12(11).
    • Welsh, J. E., Steenhuis, P., Ribeiro de Moraes, K., Van der Meer , J., Thieltges, DW., & Brussaard, C. P. D. (2020). Marine virus predation by non-host organisms. Scientific Reports, 10, [5221].



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    • Balzano, S., Lattaud, J., Villanueva, L., Rampen, S. W., Brussaard, C. P. D., Van Bleijswijk, J., ... Schouten, S. (2018). A quest for the biological sources of long chain alkyl diols in the western tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Biogeosciences, 15(19), 5951-5968.
    • Nausch, M., Achterberg, E. P., Bach, L. T., Brussaard, C. P. D., Crawfurd, K. J., Fabian, J., ... Wannicke, N. (2018). Concentrations and uptake of dissolved organic phosphorus compounds in the Baltic Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5, [386].
    • Noor, L. H. W., van der Kroef, D. A., Wattam, D., Pinnock, M., van Rossum, R., Smit, M. G., & Brussaard, C. P. D. (2018). Innovative transportable laboratories for polar science. Polar Record, 54(1), 18-28.
    • Piedade, G. J., Wesdorp, E. M., Montenegro-Borbolla , E., Maat, D. S., & Brussaard, C. P. D. (2018). Influence of irradiance and temperature on the virus MpoV-45T infecting the Arctic picophytoplankter Micromonas polaris. Viruses, 10(12), [676]. [details]
    • Taylor, B. P., Weitz, J. S., Brussaard, C. P. D., & Fischer, M. G. (2018). Quantitative Infection Dynamics of Cafeteria Roenbergensis Virus. Viruses, 10(9), [468]. [details]
    • Van De Poll, W. H., Kulk, G., Rozema, P. D., Brussaard, C. P. D., Visser, R. J. W., & Buma, A. G. J. (2018). Contrasting glacial meltwater effects on post-bloom phytoplankton on temporal and spatial scales in Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen. Elementa, 6(1), [50].


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    • Brussaard, C. P. D., & Biggs, T. (2016). Antarctic phytoplankton in a changing world and its consequences for the lower pelagic food web.. Poster session presented at Viruses of Microbes (VoM), Liverpool, United Kingdom.
    • Brussaard, C. P. D., & Mojica, K. D. A. (2016). Large-scale variation in viral lysis of marine phytoplankton across the North Atlantic.. Poster session presented at Viruses of Microbes (VoM), Liverpool, United Kingdom.


    • Brandsma, J., Sutton, T., Herniman, J., Hunter, J., Biggs, T., Evans, C., ... Langley, J. (2015). Rapid normal-phase separation of phytoplankton lipids by ultraperformance convergence chromatography (UPC2). Poster session presented at EuroFed Plant Lipids Symposium, Florence, Italy.
    • Maat, D., & Brussaard, C. P. D. (2015). The effects of glacier derived sediments on phytoplankton grazing over viral lysis in a changing Arctic fjord. Poster session presented at NWO Polar Symposium 2015, The Hague, Netherlands.


    • Brussaard, C. (2016).  Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM).

    Journal editor

    • Brussaard, C. (reviewer) (2016). Biogeosciences (Journal).
    • Brussaard, C. (reviewer) (2016). Viruses (Journal).

    Talk / presentation

    • Brussaard, C. (invited speaker) (30-11-2016). Career advice, European Women in Mathematics Nederland (EWM-NL) meeting, Utrecht.
    • Brussaard, C. (keynote speaker) (12-10-2016). Hoe beinvloedt klimaatverandering het leven in zee – de functie van virussen, Beta in de Binnenstad , Amsterdam.
    • Brussaard, C. (speaker) (18-7-2016). Phytoplankton-virus growth characteristics strongly affected by global climate-induced changes in the marine environment, Viruses of Microbes (VoM), Liverpool.
    • Brussaard, C. (speaker) (10-7-2016). Effects of glacier-derived silt and clay particles on microbial grazing and viral lysis, Aquatic Virus Workshop, Liverpool.
    • Brussaard, C. (speaker) (10-7-2016). Viral lysis of Antarctic phytoplankton – results from two 4-months field campaigns, Aquatic Virus Workshop, Liverpool.
    • Brussaard, C. (invited speaker) (24-6-2016). Synthesis of GRC Marine Microbes, Gordon Research Conference on Marine Microbes, Girona.
    • Brussaard, C. (invited speaker) (24-5-2016). Plenary lecture on gender issues, Insight Out - NWO Conference for Women in Science, Ede.
    • Brussaard, C. (keynote speaker) (28-2-2016). Marine Viruses, Profs on stage (“Professoren op het Podium”): a dialogue between science and theatre, Utrecht.


    • Brussaard, C. (participant) (27-6-2016). Member Panel discussion 1st International Marine Microbiome Industry & Science Conference (MaCuMBA organized (other).
    • Brussaard, C. (participant) (2016).  Member of Joint PICES-ICES Working Group Climate Change and Biologially-Driven Ocean Carbon Sequestration (WG-33) (other).
    • Brussaard, C. (participant) (11-2015). KNAW Fonds Ecologie (other).
    • Brussaard, C. (participant) (2015).  Member of the American Society for Microbiology’s Communication Committee’s Environmental Microbiology Taskforce (other).
    • Brussaard, C. (participant) (10-2014 - 12-2016). President International Society for Viruses of Microorganisms (ISVM). (other).
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