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PhD Thesis gallery IBED

At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2017

Thesis Cover Alice Burridge

Alice Burridge (7 December 2017)

Marine biogeography and evolution: Diversity patterns of planktonic gastropods and amphipods

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Jef Huisman; Prof. Steph B.J. Menken; Dr Katja T.C.A. Peijnenburg

Thesis Cover Alexandra Revyinthi

Alexandra Revynthi (6 December 2017)

Should I stay or should I go? The role of dispersal and cannibalism in exploitation strategies of a predatory mite

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter; Dr. C.J.Martijn Egas; Dr. Arne R.M. Janssen

Thesis Cover Anna Mapes

Anna Mapes (30 November 2017)

Rapid DNA technologies at the crime scene: CSI’ fiction matching reality

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Ate D. Kloosterman, Prof. Christianne J. de Poot

Thesis Cover Jiajia Gao

Jiajia Gao (21 November 2017)

Interactive adsorption of phenolic and amino acids on minerals: Implications for the formation and properties of soil mineral–organic associations

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter; Prof. Karsten Kalbitz; Dr Boris Jansen

Thesis cover Vincent Hin

Vincent Hin (3 November 2017)
Eco-evolutionary perspective on life history complexity
Prom./coprom.: Prof. A.M. de Roos

Suzette G.A. Flantua (23 June 2017)
Climate change and topography as drivers of Latin American biome dynamics
Prom./coprom.: Prof. H. Hooghiemstra; Dr J.H. van Boxel

Karen A. Muñoz Cárdenas (21 June 2017)
What lies beneath? (Linking litter and canopy food webs to protect ornamental crops)
Prom./coprom.: Prof. P.C. de Ruiter; Dr A.R.M. Janssen

Seyed Ali Hosseini (20 June 2017)
Chemical ecology of moths (Role of semiochemicals in host location by Ectomyelois ceratoniae and mate guarding by Heliothis virescens)
Prom./coprom.: Prof. S.B.J. Menken; Dr A.T. Groot & Dr S.H. Goldansaz