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At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2018


Judith Westveer (4 December 2018)

Go with the flow: Unravelling the ecological mechanisms of dispersal and colonization by aquatic macroinvertebrates in restored lowland streams

Supervisor: P.F.M. Verdonschot
Co-supervisors: H.G. van der Geest; R.C.M. Verdonschot

Sabina Bajda-Wybouw (16 November 2018)

Genetics and fitness costs of acaricide resistance in spider mites

Supervisor: S. B.J. Menken
Co-supervisor: T. B.S. Van Leeuwen

Leandro Ferreira Moreno (15 November 2018)

The biology of black yeast genomes

Supervisor: G. S. de Hoog; S.B.J. Menken
Co-supervisor: V.A. Vicente

Amanda Burson (17 October 2018)

A sea of change: Impacts of reduced nitrogen and phosphorus loads on coastal phytoplankton communities

Supervisor: J. Huisman
Co-supervisor: M. Stomp

Muhe Diao (17 October 2018)

Interactions between microorganisms and oxic-anoxic transitions

Supervisors: G. Muijzer; J. Huisman

Jie Liu (19 September 2018)

Temporal and stage-specific variation in mite-induced responses of tomato plants

Supervisors: M. Kant; S.B.J. Menken
Co-supervisor: S. Legarrea Imizcoz

Karolina Dukik (11 September 2018)

A journey through onygenalean families Arthrodermataceae and Ajellomycetaceae

Supervisors: G.S. de Hoog; Prof. S.B.J. Menken

Nina Zhang (25 June 2018)

What omnivores don’t eat: non-consumptive ecological effects of phytophagy by Macrolophus pygmaeus 

Supervisors: A.R.M. Janssen; P.C. de Ruiter
Co-supervisor: G.J. Messelink

Maria Hoppe (14 June 2018)

Oligomers in polyester food contact materials: Identification and migration studies

Supervisor: W.P. de Voogt
Co-supervisor: R.H. Franz

Hanna ten Brink (25 May 2018)

Evolution of Complex Life Cycles

Supervisor: A.M. de Roos

Ana Causanilles Llanes (24 May 2018)

Wastewater-based epidemiology, an analytical chemical approach for the investigation of human consumption of lifestyle chemicals

Supervisor: W.P. de Voogt
Co-supervisor: F.J. Hernández

Thomas Lameris (18 May 2018)

Outflying climate change: Optimal timing of migratory geese breeding in a warming Arctic

Supervisor: B.A. Nolet; W. Bouten
Co-supervisor: H.P. van der Jeugd

Keith Richards (16 May 2018)

Studies in Caspian palynology: Six million years of vegetation, climate and sea level change

Supervisor: H. Hooghiemstra
Co-supervisor: S.B. Kroonenberg

Balázs Brankovics (9 May 2018)

Return of the mitochondrial DNA: Case study of mitochondrial genome evolution in the genus Fusarium

Supervisors: G.S. de Hoog; S.B.J. Menken
Co-supervisor: A.D. van Diepeningen; T.A.J. van der Lee

Frederike Quaak (26 April 2018)

Microbial populations and their potential in forensic investigations

Supervisor: A.D.Kloosterman
Co-supervisor: I. Kuiper

Monique Wesselink (26 April 2018)

DNA markers for forensic identification of non-human biological traces

Supervisor: A.D.Kloosterman
Co-supervisor: I. Kuiper

Valerie Chamberland (9 February 2018)

Environmental drivers of recruitment success in Caribbean corals: Applications to aid the recovery of threatened coral populations

Supervisor: J. Huisman
Co-supervisor: M.J.A. Vermeij

Wim Jonckheere (12 January 2018)

The salivary proteome of Tetranychus urticae: Key to its polyphagous nature?

Supervisors: P.H. van Tienderen, L. Tirry
Co-supervisor: T.B.S. Van Leeuwen