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PhD Thesis gallery IBED

At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2019

Ciska Overbeek (17 December 2019)

Peat formation on a former landfill: Production and decomposition of aquatic pioneer vegetation

Promotor: Prof. W. Admiraal
Copromotor: Dr H.G. van der Geest, Dr E.E. van Loon


Amir Arastehfar (9 December 2019)

Development of fungal identification tools and evaluation of microbiological and clinical profiles of Candida species from Iran

Promotor: Prof. T. Boekhout
Copromotor: Dr M. Kostrzewa

Paula C. dos Reis Oliveira (20 November 2019)

The landscape drives the stream: Unraveling ecological mechanisms to improve restoration

Promotores: Prof. P.F.M. Verdonschot, Dr M.H.S. Kraak
Copromotor: Dr R.C.M. Verdonschot, Dr H.G. van der Geest



Ben Fungo (30 October 2019)

Greening with black: Biochar-soil amendment for low-emission agriculture

Promotores: Prof. K. Kalbitz, Dr B. Jansen
Copromotor: Prof. P. de Ruiter



Francisco Cuesta (20 september 2019)

Global environmental changes in the high tropical Andes

Promotores: Dr W.D. Gosling, Prof. P.H. van Tienderen
Copromotor: Prof.  J. Sevink


Vittorio Albergamo (10 September 2019)

Polar organic contaminants in natural drinking water sources and their removal by reverse osmosis

Promotores: Prof. W.P. de Voogt, Prof. G.J. van der Meer
Copromotor: Prof. E. R. Cornelissen


Bram Knegt (26 June 2019)

Costs and benefits of plant defence suppression by Tetranychus evansi spider mites

Promotor: Prof. E. Toby Kiers
Copromotor: Dr C.J.Martijn Egas


Peter van Puijenbroek (26 June 2019)

Bridging policy targets and aquatic ecosystem responses

Promotores: Prof. Piet .F.M. Verdonschot, Dr Michiel H.S. Kraak


Catalina Chaparro Pedraza (7 June 2019)

Populations crossing habitat boundaries in the face of environmental change

Promotor:  Prof. Andre M. de Roos


Lotte de Vries (6  June 2019)

Selection in two-sex structured populations

Promotores:  Prof.  Hal Caswell, Prof. Andre M. de Roos


Marian Cabrera Pantoja (4 June 2019)

Trait-based studies of páramo vegetation in the northern Andes

Promotores:  Dr Joost F. Duivenvoorden, Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter


Tom Berben (21 May 2019)

Comparative analysis of sulfur oxidation pathways in haloalkaliphilic thiocyanate-utilizing species of the genus Thioalkalivibrio

Promotor: Prof. Gerard Muyzer
Copromotor: Dr Dimitri Sorokin


 Jort Hammer (31 January 2019)

Linking Environmental Properties of Surfactants to Molecular Interactions

Promotor: Prof. Pim de Voogt
Copromotor: Prof. Martin van den Berg, Prof. Joop Hermens, Dr Joris Haftka, Dr Michiel Kraak

Tom van den Beuken (18 January 2019)

Male morph coexistence in the bulb mite Rhizoglyphus Robini

Promotor: Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter
Copromotor: Dr Isabel M. Smallegange