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At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2020


Tristan Biggs (8 December 2020)

Polar phytoplankton dynamics in relation to virus and zooplankton predators

Supervisor: C.P.D. Brussaard
Co-supervisor: D.W. Pond

Mansoureh Vatanshenassan (2 December 2020)

New methods for the rapid identification and antifungal susceptibility testing of clinically important Candida species

Supervisor: T. Boekhout
Co-supervisor: M. Kostrzewa

Xing (Jason) Ji (26 November 2020)

Living in a changing world: Rising CO2 and its impact on lake phytoplankton

Supervisor: J. Huisman
Co-supervisor: J.M.H. Verspagen

Olaf Brock (18 November 2020)

The role of the molecular composition of organic matter in its (co-)precipitation by aluminium, podzolization, and carbon sequestration

Supervisor: B. Jansen, K. Kalbitz
Co-supervisor: P.C. de Ruiter, T.J. Heimovaara

Veerle Luimstra (13 November 2020)

The bluest blues: Exploring the low photosynthetic efficiency of cyanobacteria in blue light

Supervisor: J. Huisman; K.J. Hellingwerf
Co-supervisor: J.M. Schuurmans

Silke van Daalen (11 November 2020)

Get lucky: Variability in lifetime reproductive output

Supervisor: H. Caswell

Gea van der Lee (1 October 2020)

Organisms make ecosystems function: Identifying functional indicators of anthropogenic stress in aquatic ecosystems

Supervisor: P.F.M. Verdonschot, M.H.S. Kraak
Co-supervisor:  R.C.M. Verdonschot, J.A. Vonk

Milo de Baat (25 September 2020)

Advancements in effect-based water quality assessment

Supervisor: M.H.S. Kraak, P.F.M. Verdonschot
Co-supervisor: W.P. de Voogt, R. van der Oost

Rascha Nuijten (8 September 2020)

Bewick’s swans in a changing world: Species responses and the need for dynamic nature conservation

Supervisor: B.A. Nolet
Co-supervisor: H.P. van der Jeugd

Ke Gao (4 June 2020)

Sexual selection in a dynamic world: The causes and consequences of variation in sexual signals and responses

Supervisor: A.T. Groot
Co-supervisor: E. Burdfield Steel

Milan Teunissen van Manen (20 May 2020)

Plant wax n-alkane biomarkers in the tropical Andes (Ecuador)

Supervisors: W.D. Gosling, B. Jansen

Khayhan Khayhan (1 May 2020)

The Cryptococcus neoformans/Cryptococcus gattii species complex in Asia

Supervisor: T. Boekhout
Co-supervisor: F. Hagen

Louise Lassalle (6 March 2020)

Diversity within: Consequences of individual phenotypic variability on ecological and evolutionary dynamics

Supervisor: A.M. de Roos
Co-supervisor: T.J.M. van Dooren

Jan de Brouwer (3 March 2020)

Spatiotemporal heterogeneity in lowland streams: a benthic macroinvertebrate perspective

Supervisor: P.F.M. Verdonschot, M.H.S. Kraak
Co-supervisor: R.C.M. Verdonschot, A.A. Besse-Lototskaya

Thomas Wagner (25 February 2020)

Removal and transformation of conditioning chemicals in constructed wetlands treating cooling tower water

Supervisor: W.P. de Voogt, H.H.M. Rijnaarts
Co-supervisor: J.R. Parsons, A.A.M. LangenhoffS

Baptiste Poursat (20 February 2020)

Implications of microbial adaptation for the persistency assessment of organic chemicals

Supervisor: W.P. de Voogt
Co-supervisors: J.R. Parsons, R.J.M. van Spanning

Charlotte Vavourakis (23 January 2020)

A meta-omics view on prokaryotic life in hypersaline soda lakes

Supervisor: G. Muyzer
Co-supervisor:  D.Y. Sorokin