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PhD Thesis gallery IBED

At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2021

Martijn Bart (30 June 2021)

Bringing life to the deepest frontier: Resource cycling by North-Atlantic deep-sea sponges

Supervisor: P.F.M. Verdonschot
Co-supervisors: J.M. de Goeij; R. Osinga

Huasheng Huang (17 June 2021)

Plant turnover in response to climate change in the Cenozoic: Palynological insights from Myanmar, Southeast Asia and beyond

Supervisor: P.C. de Ruiter
Co-supervisor: M.C. Hoorn, R.J. Morley

Rik Lievers (7 June 2021)


Between- and within-individual variation in moth sexual signals: causes and consequences

Supervisors: A.T. Groot, S.B.J. Menken

Ernesto A. Villacís Pérez (20 January 2021)

Ecological speciation and adaptive evolution in a herbivorous mite

Supervisor: S.B.J. Menken, T.B.S. Van Leeuwen
Co-supervisor: J.A.J. Breeuwer