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At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2022


Maja Bradaric (13 December 2022)

On the radar: Weather, bird migration and aeroconservation over the North Sea

Supervisors: J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes; W. Bouten
Co-supervisor: B. Kranstauber

Sebastian Felizeter (9 November 2022)

Perfluorinated alkyl acids in edible crops: Uptake and distribution inside the plants

Supervisors: W.P. de Voogt, M.S. McLachlan

Naomi Zweerus (9 November 2022)

When sexual signallers are choosers too

Supervisor: A.T. Groot
Co-supervisors: I.M. Smallegange; M. van Wijk

Andrea Permana (27 October 2022)

Cognitive and cultural aspects of nest building behaviour in wild orangutans

Supervisor: S.A. Wich
Co-supervisor: C.P. van Schaik

Michiel Boom (14 October 2022)

Rewarding round-trips or tiresome travels? Comparing migratory and non-migratory lifestyles in barnacle geese

Supervisor: B.A. Nolet
Co-supervisors: G. Eichhorn; H.P. van der Jeugd

Meggie Hudspith (5 October 2022)

Illuminating the nutritional nature of sponge-microbe symbioses

Supervisor: G. Muyzer
Co-supervisors: J.M. de Goeij, L. Rix

Sara Campana (23 September 2022) 

Inside the sponge engine: Metabolic responses of sponge holobionts to dissolved organic matter on changing coral reefs

Supervisor: G. Muijzer
Co-supervisors: J.M. de Goeij; B. Müller

Elspeth Sage (3 June 2022)

Wind energy for all! The dynamic flight of gulls in human-engineered landscapes

Supervisors: J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes; W. Bouten

Morgan Brown (5 April 2022)

Gull over-travels? Consequences of diverse migration strategies in a generalist seabird

Supervisors: J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes; W. Bouten

Le Qin Choo (24 March 2022)

Genomic variability and population structure in shelled pteropods

Supervisors: J. Huisman; G.G. Hoarau
Co-supervisor: K.T.C.A. Peijnenburg

Flor Rhebergen (10 February 2022)

The ecology of adaptive condition-dependent polyphenism

Supervisors: I.M. Smallegange; A.T. Groot
Co-supervisor: K. Stewart

Aimilia Stavrou (10 February 2022)

Emerging Saccharomycotina yeast pathogens: Detection and susceptibility profiles

Supervisors: T. Boekhout; C. Lass-Flörl
Co-supervisor: F. Hagen