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The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) awarded IBED’s emeritus Professor Pim de Voogt with the SETAC Emeritus Membership.

The SETAC Emeritus Membership status is a high honor reserved for retirees who have made sustained and distinguished contributions to the global SETAC Society and one or more of its geographic units. Emeritus members are honored in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the environmental sciences, the advancement of science through SETAC, and leadership and service critical to the mission of SETAC.

Pim de Voogt was a member-elect of the SETAC Europe Council during 6 years and served another 3 years as the treasurer of the Council. He chaired the 7th Annual Meeting of SETAC Europe in Amsterdam in 1997.

During his career Pim has contributed greatly to environmental sciences. He worked for decades in the field of Environmental Chemistry and published over 220 papers in the field. Important topics in his research are sewage epidemiology as a powerful tool to estimate consumption and production of illicit drugs, perfluorinated chemicals, persistent and mobile chemicals, nanomaterials, drinking water quality and earlier in his career also dioxins and PCBs.

To strengthen the fruitful collaboration between IBED and the KWR Watercycle Research Institute where he held a position as Principal Scientist, Pim de Voogt was appointed on the endowed chair of Chemistry of emerging water contaminants at the UvA in August 2008. He was affiliated to IBED as professor on this chair until his retirement in 2018, and still is as emeritus professor.

Despite his retirement Pim remains very active and successful in merging the wide array of disciplines within environmental science to generate scientific excellence combined with societal relevance.

More about the SETAC Award can be found here: 2020 Global Award Winners – SETAC Awards

Prof. dr. W.P. (Pim) de Voogt

Emeritus Professor