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The co-evolution between humans and environments, also referred to as social-ecological systems, has particular relevance as humans adapt to a changing environment. Thus, the interdisciplinary study of human-environment interactions focuses on the mutual influence that humans have on the environment and vice-versa. We apply this research in diverse contexts.

In ELD, for example, we conduct research on densely populated areas, such as urban systems, as prime examples of social-ecological systems. Here, human-made (tangible) infrastructure and (intangible) institutions (i.e., “policies”, norms, rules and regulations) shape these interactions. Involving citizens into our research is a special focus at ELD, with several ongoing citizen science initiatives.

The people currently involved with human-environment interaction research in ELD are:

Dr L.H. (Lies) Jacobs

Assistant Professor

Dr. A.M. (Annemieke) Kooijman

Associate Professor

Dr. E.H. (Elisabeth) Krueger PhD

Assistant Professor

Prof. dr. ir. A.G. (Agnes) Oomen

Special chair Chemicals and Planetary Health

Dr. A. (Antonia) Praetorius

Assistant Professor