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Staff Theoretical and Computational Ecology

TCE group
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Head of TCE research department

Prof. dr. J.Z. (Judy) Shamoun-Baranes

Professor of Animal Movement Ecology

Research Staff

Prof. dr. ir. W. (Willem) Bouten

Professor of Computational Geo-Ecology

Prof. dr. H. (Hal) Caswell

Professor of Mathematical Demography and Ecology

Prof. dr. A.M. (André) de Roos

Professor of Theoretical Ecology

Prof. dr. B.A. (Bart) Nolet

Special Chair of Waterfowl Movement Ecology

Dr. rer. nat. W.D. (Daniel) Kissling

Associate Professor of Quantitative Biodiversity

Dr Y.A. (Yael) Artzy-Randrup

Assistant Professor

Dr. ir. E.E. (Emiel) van Loon

Assistant Professor

Mr B.T. (Ben) Martin PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. K.F. (Kenneth) Rijsdijk

Assistant Professor

Dr. A.C. (Harry) Seijmonsbergen

Assistant Professor

Drs. P.R. (Peter) Assink


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr M. (Martina) Ferraguti

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. R. (Rosemarie) Kentie

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr L. (Leonardo) Porcacchia

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. J. (Ji) Qi

Postdoctoral researcher

PhD candidates

Ms M. (Maja) Bradaric MSc

PhD Candidate

Ms J.M. (Morgan) Brown MSc

PhD Candidate

Ms N. (Nelleke) Buitendijk MA

PhD Candidate

Mr J.C. (Jasper) Croll MSc

PhD Candidate

Mr J.A. (Jens) van Erp

PhD Candidate

Ms Z.V. Koma MSc

PhD Candidate

Mr H.J. (Hans) Linssen MSc

PhD Candidate

Ms E.L. (Elspeth) Sage MSc

PhD Candidate

Research Assistants

Mr B.C. (Berend) Wijers MSc


Guest Researchers

Dr. J.R. (Hans) van Gasteren

Guest researcher

Dr. T. (Tobias) van Kooten

Guest researcher

Dr. Y. (Yifang) Shi

LifeWatch Scientific Developer

Dr. W.M.G. (Wouter) Vansteelant

Guest researcher


Ms P. (Pascale) Thiery-van der Bij